WebinarJam vs Zoom: Webinar Platforms Compared (2021)

I have been getting asked this a lot lately. There seems to be more choice and it can be overwhelming. In this post I try to break down the differences to help you make the right choices and I’ll give you my own personal verdict too.

Webinar tools can be quite pricey, they are never free (not the ones worth talking about anyway)

How To Compare Webinar Software?

When breaking it down, these are the main factors I like to look for first:
1, How easy is it to use?
2 .Does it integrate with other software?
3. What is the customer support like?
4. How much does it cost and is it worth the price?
5. Does it do what I need it to do?

Let’s Look At Zoom

First thing to note with Zoom is that it’s completely free to get started (Wahoo!) and you can use it very much like Skype with some extra features to boot. There is, however, a 40 minute cap on the free version if you are doing more than a one to one call, you can, however, give access to your screen which is excellent for offering support.

You can then upgrade to remove the 40 minute cap for around $15 per month.. However, this does not make it a perfect webinar solution as you will have to mute all attendees individually then also the chat will be visible and has other limitation like integrations with your auto responder (it doesn’t integrate). There is 100 attendance limit on this plan you will also see everyones camera (and so will everyone else).  This option would be great for live weekly training sessions that you are happy to have everyone involved & participating.

In my Opinion this is not suitable for most webinar needs, but then again it’s pretty good value for what you get.

For an additional $40 ($55 in total), you get a full webinar platform that includes Facebook Live streaming, the ability to hide attendees from public view, plus other elements you’d expect from a decent webinar platform, like the ability to register and special Q&A sections.

Which Brings Us To WebinarJam

I use WebinarJam a lot. At the end of 2017 WebinarJam overhauled their platform and made some great changes, which I’m pretty excited about.  Want 60 Days Free WebinarJam Instead of The Usual 14 day trial?
Get 60 Days Free Trial Here >> (plus some cool bonuses which I know you will love)

So yes I am an affiliate, but I do not recommend any software I do not personally use so let’s re visit my criteria for great software and see where WebinarJam sits…

How easy is it to use?

You can set up a webinar in under 10 minutes. They also provide all the software you need to run your webinars from start to finish so essentially you don’t even need to integrate any landing page software nor autoresponders as it’s all built in (if you want to use your own you can do so too).

There are video tutorials in every section which are there as and when you need them. These are short and to the point so you do not delay your webinar.

Does it integrate with other software

Most definitely, and it’s easy to do so, you can copy the code and insert your button on your own landing pages (ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes, Lead Pages etc).  You can also integrate with your autoresponders seamlessly if you would like to (or just use theirs).  I find that trying to send out an email reminder 15 minutes before it’s best to use their built in auto responder where they also have the join links integrated.

What is the customer support like?

In truth here I’ve not needed them that much as the platform seems so robust but the feedback I have been getting is that it’s usually the same day in a lot of instances immediately.

How much does it cost and is it worth the price?

The price for the year is $467 per year ($39 per month) and you also get a 60 day free trial through my link (and some cool bonuses) and you will not be billed for the first 60 days (you pay nothing) then you get a further 30 day money back guarantee after you have been billed. So in total you are getting the whole software for 90 days free. There are no restrictions within the trial you get access to everything to try for free,

This offer is unlikely to be around forever though so get it here while you can.

I really hope I was able to break this down for you, see below if you would like to check out a tutorial for WebinarJam or EverWebinar and see a sneak preview inside before you buy.

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