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I’m Ricky an online entrepreneur, digital marketer, content writer, and founder of

I only starting playing around with SEO, content marketing, whatnot in August 2020 so I don’t know much right now.

But here are a few of my Ahrefs metrics as of February 2021. People say that’s not bad for a few months going solo + starting with $7.28 in my bank account (after I paid $395 for my own name – I know right). Just imagine what I could do with a bit more cash. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What my link building services include:

  • Links in my guest posts
  • Links in existing blog posts on relevant sites
  • ^ Always confirmed with clients first

What my content marketing services include.

  • Content writing
  • Link building

That’s it. I don’t mess with social media marketing. While most freelance content marketers include that in their services, it’s just not in my range of expertise.

What makes me different from others? I really don’t know, I’ll need a little help with answering that. But I get my clients (and myself) featured on some decent publications and blogs like:

  • Search Engine Watch
  • CoSchedule
  • Flippa
  • AgilityPR Solutions
  • etc.

Certainly not the best, but not the worst either.

Who I work with.

I currently have partnerships with a number of SaaS companies and SEO agencies (legitimate ones, boy are they hard to find these days). To hire me as a freelance content marketer, here’s all you need:

  • Your goal & vision. If you can’t explain it in one or two emails, I don’t want to work with you.*
  • What are your assets (domain authority, metrics, content, etc.)?
  • Commitment (ranking takes time, but really not as long as people say)
  • A good attitude and decent English
  • And last but not least, a minimum $3,000 monthly budget (exceptions can apply, ping me about it)

*I won’t be accepting any requests for live calls or meetings until August 2021. So just email correspondence for now.


How much do you charge per link?

Assuming you mean my link building services, it depends. But they’ll start at $100 and peak out at $300 per link.

Why hire me as your content marketing consultant?

I’ve been growing my blog for the past year and have landed features on some pretty decent blogs in the marketing and ecommerce niches.

With everything I’ve learned, I’ll not only get you organic rankings, but brand awareness and authority are on the table as well.

Why do you need content marketing services?

You don’t. But if you were to be given the opportunity to rank in organic searches and rake in “free” traffic and leads, I don’t see why you wouldn’t take it.

Plus, content marketing strategies are beneficial for long-term success as well, since proper SEO and linking techniques will last you a good while. But paid ads? When your budget is gone, you’re gone.

Can you guarantee rankings?

Yes. But will they be like #1 for “best credit cards”? No.

The point is, with my SEO strategies, I can guarantee you a boost your organic traffic and rankings. But don’t expect real results in less than one month.

Ready to get more organic traffic and leads? Shoot me an email at and include “CrazyEgg fell off the wall” in your subject line.

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