3 Best PEO Companies (2021)

The best PEO company is Amplify. Being a cloud-based solution with an entire suite of HR tools, benefits solutions, and app integrations, Amplify is most likely the best choice for your business. Insperity and Justworks are the other podium finishes.

Do you have a great company, but no idea how to manage or take care of your employees? What you need is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

Stats show that small businesses that used PEOs grew 7-9% faster and that their employee turnover rates were lowered by 10-14%.

On top of that, PEO clients experience HR administration savings of more than 35%, and ultimately, companies who use PEOs are 50% less likely to go out of business.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 3 of the best PEO companies and service providers to find the best HR solution for your company and efficiency needs.

What are the Best PEO Companies?

  • Amplify PEO – Best All-in-One PEO Service Provider
  • Insperity – Best HR Solution for SMBs and Enterprise
  • Justworks – Best Full-Service PEO Company for Growth

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links that I get a commission for at no extra cost to you. However, I only feature the best HR resources for better employee management – nothing less.

1. Amplify (Request a Free Quote)

Best All-in-One HR Software and PEO Services

amplify best peo companies

Amplify is a PEO that has saved companies $1,185 on average for every employee per year.

That means if your company has 50 employees, it would have saved $59,250 in a single year.

The massive savings are due to Amplify’s full-service HR solution that provides perks like administrative relief, reduced liabilities, access to better benefits, and committed HR support on an industry-leading technology platform.

There are four solutions that include Payroll, Benefit, HR and Retirement, and Risk Management and Compliance.

By using the service as a client, your company can enjoy several benefits, like higher revenue generation, stronger cost containment, higher employee engagement, and profit protection.

Amplify isn’t only an HR solution, but a human solution too. For any HR issues, you’ll always be directed to a real human instead of an automated call.

Amplify Key Features

Here’s a list of features Amplify’s PEO offers:

  • Cloud-based
  • Payroll Solutions such as payroll administration and paycheck distribution, W-2 preparation, web-based reports, direct deposit, and paid time off tracking.
  • Benefit Solutions such as medical, dental, and vision benefit plans.
  • HR & Retirement Solutions such as employee handbooks, new hire support, policies and procedures, and employment development.
  • Risk Management & Compliance Solutions such as workers’ compensation coverage and claims resolution, liability insurance, and OSHA assistance.
  • GL Mapping
  • 3rd Party Apps and Integrations

No matter your HR needs, Amplify’s full-service and comprehensive solutions save you time, money, and labor, giving you the freedom to focus on business growth and expansion.

Amplify Plans and Pricing

amplify peo pricing quotes

Amplify PEO’s plans and pricing are not viewable on their website. To take advantage of Amplify and use all the features they offer, you can request a free quote.

Upon filling out the short form where you’re required to fill out basic information, along with your company name and the number of employees, Amplify will personally match you with the best PEO solution that fits your business model.

2. Insperity (Request a Free Quote)

Best HR Solution for SMBs and Enterprise

insperity peo companies

With over 30 years of experience as a full-service PEO provider, Insperity offers multiple solutions for a range of businesses designed to maximize productivity and minimize risks.

Even though the middle market is their specialty where they primarily service the needs of businesses with 150-5,000 employees, we recommend Insperity as the best solution for small businesses with less than 150 employees.

That’s because the company has excellent customer service knowledge about how to grow small businesses despite the large company size.

Another unique advantage of working with Insperity is that they’re one of the most flexible providers.

You won’t be locked into a long-term contract and can cancel anytime provided you put in a 30 days’ notice.

A feature to take note of is that Insperity only offers health plans from a single health insurance provider. However, this should not be a problem for small business owners.

Insperity Key Features

Here’s a list of features Insperity’s PEO offers:

  • Employee Benefits such as Insperity’s long term relationship with carriers like United Healthcare.
  • HR administration
  • Payroll
  • Risk management and compliance
  • HR specialists that maintain compliance through notification of significant law changes, consultations, training, and liability management.
  • HR professionals provide as-you-need-it guidance and provide proactive measures to anticipated challenges.
  • Stellar HR technology and adaptable HR infrastructure for more calculated business decisions
  • Proprietary and integrated human capital management platform with employee self-service and people analytics.
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Unmatched, two-year service agreement for better prediction and cost containment with transparent billing of one simple fee

Regardless of your business size, Insperity is a PEO which will help you to maximize the efficiency of your employers and continually grow.

Insperity Plans and Pricing

insperity peo services sales

Insperity PEO’s plans and pricing are not viewable on their website.

To take advantage of Insperity and use all the features they offer, you can request a free quote.

Upon filling out the short form where you’re required to fill out basic information like your company name or by directing calling their sales number, Insperity will dispatch a Performance Advisor to meet with you to discuss your current HR strategy and determine a good fit.

3. Justworks (from $33/month)

Best Full-Service PEO Company for Growth

best peo companies justworks

Justworks is a reliable full-service PEO that provides everything you could need, from payroll and human resources to compliance and employee benefits.

Among health, dental, and vision insurance benefits, Justworks also manages compliance services like W-2, 1099 filings, and works’ compensation.

When it comes to payroll, this PEO makes it easy by offering an automated payroll system that can integrate with your business accounting software like QuickBooks.

Perhaps some of the best features of Justworks lie with its flexibility and scalability.

You’re given many options to pick and choose from and aren’t forced into any packages. On top of that, Justworks can accommodate businesses of any size and level and scale you every step of the way.

Plus, your ability to upgrade to plans and reach out to customer support 24/7 are great perks to have.

Overall, Justworks is a fantastic PEO for growth despite its relative lack of experience compared to other service providers. Be sure to take advantage of the 15% discount when you sign an annual contract.

Justworks Key Features

Here’s a list of features Justworks offers:

  • Access to Benefits with many nationwide health insurance plans from leading carriers.
  • Compliance Support to avoid government complexity and stay on top of the law.
  • Automated Payroll not only to employees, but to vendors and contractors with the ability to integrate to accounting software.
  • HRIS tools to manage various tasks like paid time off, onboarding, storing, and tracking metrics.
  • Full-Service Support 24/7
  • HR Consulting available to provide personalized guidance and best practices.

The ability for Justworks to fully adjust to your business needs and scale as you grow makes it a great PEO for startups and enterprises alike.

Justworks Plans and Pricing

justworks peo services pricing

Justworks has two professional plans. The basic plan covers payroll, HR tools, benefits, and compliance, and the price grows with each employee.

If you have less than 25 works, it’s $49 per month per employee. As you acquire more employees, the fixed price for each decreases (just $39/employee/month for 100-174 employees).

Once you hit 175+ workers, the pricing will be custom.

The plus plan encompasses the entirety of the basic plan and adds access to medical, dental, and vision benefits.

The pricing also rises with each employee you add to the team. In a workforce of less than 25, it’s $99 per month per employee. At 175+ workers, you’ll also receive custom pricing.

Keep in mind that if you sign up for an annual contract regardless of the plan, you can save 15% off your entire purchase, bringing down your plan to just $33/month/employee (for 100-174 employees).

What are the Benefits of a PEO?

If your business works with a PEO, statistics predict that you are 60% more likely to succeed. This goes for many reasons. The first is that happy employees mean a happier and harder working company.

From the benefits and better training that they receive to the centralized HR support and easy compliance, you’ll significantly reduce employee turnover.

PEOs also drastically help with time management, efficiency, and saving money so you can focus on company growth.

How to Choose the Best PEO Companies

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing the right PEO company for your business. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important ones so that you’ll be equipped to make the right decision.

1. Business Size

There’s a big difference between a startup that has less than 10 employees versus a large enterprise with as many as 5,000 employees across many franchise locations.

Some PEO service providers are better fit for a certain business size than others, which means you should work with PEOs that accommodate your company.

Additionally, make sure that your provider understands the industry you specialize in.

2. Budget

Determining your budget is one of the easiest ways to narrow down your PEO choices that are out of that range.

Even though many PEO websites may not flesh out their plans and prices on their websites because of customization needs, it’s easy to request a free quote and talk it out with a sales representative. Justworks is the most transparent about their pricing in this regard.

3. Self-Service Option

The best PEO options allow your employees to self-service so they can access their work-related information whenever they want.

If this isn’t a choice, you want to at least have a PEO provider that will answer any employee questions via multiple channels.

4. Employee Benefits

The PEO you choose should offer plenty of benefits to ensure the happiness of your workers and hire new ones.

The more options the PEO offers beyond one simple health insurance company, the better.

If giving your employees the ability to choose between diverse plans appeals to you, keep this point in mind.

Executive Summary

PEOs are crucial for keeping a happy employee base and for saving valuable time and money.

Amplify is a great company for your classic all-in-one full-service provider.

If you’re looking for a company that accommodates a wide range of businesses, from small business to enterprise, Insperity is your best bet. Want a PEO that’s most optimized for a high growth trajectory? Go with Justworks.

By using PEO, you and your company will be well on your way to success at far faster speeds.

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