3 Best Auto Dialer Software for 2021

The best auto dialer software is RingCentral. It’s got countless integrations, a whole suite of CRM tools, serious power dialing features, analytics, and much more – with a free 15-day trial. Five9 and PhoneBurner are the other podium finishes.

Are your call center agents working themselves to the bone, but your sales don’t seem to budge? 

If there isn’t enough time in the day for your agents to dial all of their leads, it’s time to look into auto dialing software. 

Satisfied customers report that their sales calls increased by more than 300% once auto dialer software was introduced into their workplace. Automating the dialing process helps stymied businesses improve operational efficiency and grow their bottom line. 

For the most reputable softwares, plans start at $99.99 per month, a reasonable cost when you start to see your successful calls multiply. 

We’ve rounded up a few of the best auto-dialing software programs out there so you can make the right choice for yourself and your business.

What is the Best Auto Dialer software?

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links that I get a commission for at no extra cost to you. However, I only feature the best auto dialer software for you to reel in more sales and leads – nothing less.

1. Ringcentral (from $19.99/month)

Best Auto Dialer Software for Efficient Predictive Dialing

best auto dialer software ringcentral

RingCentral is a great option for no-frills workspaces that already have the right tools and just need the extra oomph that auto dialing software provides. 

This software includes progressive, predictive, and preview dialers to help better allocate your agents’ time. With this technology, your employees will spend more time on calls and less time dialing numbers in hopes that someone will pick up. 

RingCentral’s software automatically dials the numbers for you and seamlessly connects your agents to the call as soon as it’s answered. 

When you automate your dialing process, a huge portion of your agents’ days will be freed up and available to spend making sales.

RingCentral Key Features

  • Progressive dialing: This allows the call center software to dial company leads, skipping over voicemails, busy signals, and disconnected numbers until it reaches a live person.
  • Predictive dialing: The software uses algorithms to predict how long the phone will take to ring before it’s picked up and which agent will be available to answer it.
  • Preview dialing: Agents have the opportunity to briefly review information about the client before being connected to the call.
  • Live reporting and analytics: The software will analyze sales call recordings in order to determine which techniques are successful and what needs work.
  • Maximize output: Improve operational efficiency and watch your bottom line grow when the time spent dialing numbers can be spent on live calls.

Pricing Plans:

Plans with Ringcentral start at $99.99 per month, with the option to save 33% when you sign up annually. 

This cost is on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to reliable auto dialing software. Pricing varies by the number of agents— the more agents a company has, the lower the monthly or annual cost. 

Call to speak with a Ringcentral representative and get an accurate quote based on the specific needs of your business.

2. Five9 (from $100/month)

Best Auto Dialer Software for SMB & Enterprise

best auto dialer softeware five9

Five9 auto dialing software helps your agents work smarter, not harder. While including all of the basic needs that auto dialing users have come to expect, this program also introduces call scripting, scheduling, disposition software, and on-screen client information available throughout the call. 

These additional benefits allow agents to spend more time on live calls while simultaneously developing better rapport with leads. 

This auto dialing software provides the best overall experience for customers, combining standard features with premium benefits at the most affordable cost on the market.

best predicitve dialer software five9

Five9 Key Features

  • Call scripting: This software provides call scripting with proven success to help your agents close the sale every time.
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management): All calls, interactions, and client information are automatically saved to the CRM for easy review and access.
  • Call disposition software: The outcome of every call is instantly saved to the CRM database.
  • Power dialing: More advanced than predictive dialing, a power dialer dials the next number as soon as a call is finished.
  • Integration capabilities: Five9 is compatible with all leading CRM software packages.
  • Better service experience: With on-screen client information available throughout the entire call, agents are able to provide a more personalized experience.

Pricing Plans:

Plans are customized for Five9 customers depending on your needs. Unlike most auto dialing software, there is no free trial available to new customers. 

Because every call center is so unique, the plans for Five9 are fully customizable and therefore difficult to accurately quote. 

When you speak to a Five9 sales representative, they will walk you through the individual needs of your business in order to determine the plan that works best for you and your agents.

3. PhoneBurner (from $126/month)

Best Auto Dialer Software for Remote Sales Teams

best auto dialer software phoneburner

PhoneBurner has all the bells and whistles any call center agents could need. This software works to train beginners, make good agents better, and make successful teams unstoppable. 

Satisfied clients have reported their sales tripled since purchasing this software, with the scheduling technology dialing one number after another in quick succession. 

There is no lag time between a potential client picking up the phone and being connected to an agent. Most customers don’t even realize an auto dialing software is being used!

PhoneBurner Key Features

  • No connection delay: PhoneBurner guarantees 100% lag-free connections with clients on every call.
  • Same day start-up: No special equipment is needed, and the software is ready to be used from any location the same day as install.
  • Knowledgeable support staff: Includes one-on-one training and support from PhoneBurner’s highly trained team, available by phone, email, or text message.
  • Constant dialing: Auto dialing software constantly dials lead one after the other, so your agents never have to waste their time waiting for the phone to ring.
  • Additional features just for admin: An administrator’s portal, smart lead distribution, and leaderboard reports delivered in real time.
  • Call tracking and analytics: Better understand the ebb and flow of your completed sales by tracking calls and having the data analyzed for you.

Pricing Plans:

PhoneBurner is the most luxury option out of all three auto dialing softwares we discussed here, and you get what you pay for. 

After a free trial period, PhoneBurner plans start at $126 per month per agent. While this is a pretty penny, the premium features that are included in every plan are proven to maximize operational efficiency and improve profits. 

Discounts are available based on the size of your business, and each plan is customizable so you’ll never pay more than you need to.

Disclosure: This post has affiliate links that I get a commission for at no extra cost to you, but rest assured that these are merely the best auto dialer software for your business – nothing less.

How to Choose the Best Auto Dialer Software

1. User Friendliness

When it comes to user friendliness, PhoneBurner is the far and away winner. Without the need for special equipment, this software is easy to install and can be used from anywhere. 

The onboarding process is one-on-one with highly trained experts, and a support team is available to help during business hours by phone, email, or text message.

In addition, the administrative portal gives managers the ability to oversee operations directly within the software. 

2. Automation Features

When taking cost into consideration, Five9 provides the best automation features. 

PhoneBurner boasts a great deal of premium features, but if your company isn’t looking for a luxury product Five9 has everything you need. 

With the added benefits of power dialing, call disposition recording, and a CRM database, this software allows your agents to perform at their highest level of efficiency while making the most sales for an affordable price.

3. Integrations

Five9 also wins in this category. Five9 has made sure their software is compatible with all major CRM programs including Salesforce, Blackbaud, and Bloomerang. 

This state-of-the-art integration is designed to give Five9’s customers the smoothest user experience. 

With the premium integration this auto dialing software offers, your agents will be able to increase productivity without the hassle of switching back and forth between applications. 

4. Pricing

It all depends on what you’re looking for, but we think Five9 provides the best price for the product it offers. 

Five9 offers all of the features of Ringcentral with the additional benefits of call disposition software, call scripting, a CRM software, and more. 

It doesn’t have all the flashy components that come included with PhoneBurner, but Five9 holds its own against premium competitors at a fraction of the cost. 

It’s also worth taking into consideration the number of agents at your business. For most auto dialing softwares, the greater the number of agents, the greater the discount offered. 

Executive Summary

Depending on what you’re looking for, any of the above auto dialing softwares are great options. If you’re a small company and only need a bare-bones software that comes with standard auto dialing features, RingCentral is for you. 

Five9 works best for larger companies comfortable with auto dialing software that are looking for a little more than the standard package. 

PhoneBurner, what we affectionately refer to as the ‘luxury plan,’ may be a little out of some budgets but has the snazzy features you won’t find in the more basic programs. 

Take a look at your company and your budget and decide on the software that works best for your individual needs.

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